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Imagine Robert Ralston. He is a pacifist who couldn’t think his life could get any better. He went through life with barely a care in the world. He had a good job, two wonderful kids, a great wife so he thought, a house, two cars, retirement money and a nice savings in the bank.

Suddenly it’s all gone! In a single day he lost his job, all of his money, credit cards, house, cars, and even his entire family. He is left homeless and destitute. Robert knows one man is responsible for his new lot in life! It is Calvin Steven’s who was Robert’s boss.

If this happened to you what would you do? Would you gain an anonymous vengeance?







Ultimate Prepping Guide

You need to be prepared when a disaster or collapse happens! As a prepper you want to be prepared in any disaster or SHTF (crap hits the fan) situation. Everyone knows they need to have a good supply of food in case of an emergency. But food is only the beginning. In order to maintain any resemblance to your current life you need to be able to not just survive but thrive and it takes a special supply list to do that. Those who have planned ahead and prepared when times are good will survive. When times get bad it’s too late! The Ultimate Prepper Resource Survival Guide will show you how you and your need to survive with informational blubs and checklists to help your family survive even the direst of situations. To do so effectively, however, you’ll need the right tools and preps. The Ultimate Prepper Resource Survival Guide introduces you to the physical supplies and tools and gets you thinking about other preparations you might not have even thought of such as educational preps, baby preps, 72 hour kit preps, storing your preps, bartering preps, safety preps, and much more. This book breaks everything you need to obtain for your preparedness in to six different ‘To Get Lists’ to be completed over 52 weeks and breaks down the list on what to get by week. – Each weeks to-do-list is full of educational items and tips broken down in to six easy lists for each week.

– 72 Hour Kit Preps- Learn about 73 items for your bug out bag.

– Budget Preps- Learn about 178 preps to buy on a budget.

– Collective Preps- Learn about 48 things you continuously need to collect!

– Advanced Preps- Learn about 128 nice to have preps.

-Educational Preps- Learn about 45 survival skills you can learn.

-Baby Preps – Learn about 28 Items you need for a baby even if you don’t have one.

All this and more are inside this book! The Ultimate Prepper Resource Survival Guide is the only book recommended by Farrell Kingsley, the author of the book series “Nine Meals To Anarchy” and “Anonymous Vengeance”. Whether you are a beginning prepper on a budget to an advanced prepper who has run out of ideas on what to buy, this book is for you!


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